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In real need of Concept Artists!!

Our programming is coming along so well. The game mechanics have had a complete overhaul, and the story is looking so fine. BUT WHERE IS ALL THE CONCEPT ART WORK.
We really need concept artwork done for us. Our 3D artists and programmers need some pictures to start making the actual world locations. And yes they are ready to start now, but we ain’t got the artwork to show them. So if you are great at concept artwork and think you can lend us a hoof please do.
Contact Loopy at

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Finally Going Public YAY!!

Greeting all you pony fans, and welcome to Beyond Harmony. A game sure to thrill your taste for adventure, with all the ponies you can handle and more. So for our first present in a few weeks we will have a little promo video for you all to enjoy.

All introductions aside, let’s get right into business. We need more recruits to help move this project along, which is why we are choosing to finally go public with this project. So below is a list of what we really need at this point in time for this project. If you think you can fill any of these roles, or have any other questions please submit them to with your application.

Programmers – Now I’m no expert in this but my handy dandy friend NullRadix is, he has told me the following to give you as information on this position. We are using C++ on OGRE with Bullet, irrKlang, CEGUI, and various other libraries. Now stuffed if I know what any of that means, but for those of you skilled in the ancient (last 30 years of Earth’s history :D) art of programming, it should be a walk in the park. If you feel fit to fill this roll, please email in your application with why you would like to join in and past experience or samples you have please.

3D Modelers – If you like taking things to the third dimension, than we could use your help. A 3D RPG not much of a game without the actual 3D models to trot around in it. Please email in why you would love to join our merry band of ponies, and include any past experience you have with modeling.

Concept Artists – Lastly we are looking for those amazing artists to bring our world to live, the concept artists. We need loads drawn up for this game, from the amazing original locations to the funny and cute characters themselves. Jump the band wagon and come join us with your skills in concept artwork. Please include why you would like to join us plus samples of your work, and if you on DA a link to your account please.

Thanks everypony for taking the time and interest in Beyond Harmony, this is Loopy Legend signing off for now, catch ya soon.

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